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Teeth Cleaning.

The medical term for professional dental cleaning, prophylaxis is done as a preventive measure. Part of your dental checkup, prophylaxis is used to remove dental plaque and other irritants from the oral cavity. As these deposits build on your teeth, they form dental tartar, which contributes to many dental problems.

This appointment is a routine, preventative procedure. Our dental hygienist will update your medical history to see if there have been any changes in your medical health. During your appointment, you may need to have x-rays taken. Bite-wing x-rays are taken, as needed, of your premolar and molar teeth to determine if you have cavities in these areas of your mouth. Some dental practices also take pictures of the anterior teeth as needed.

Most people need to see their dentist for this appointment usually twice a year. However, some people need to follow a different schedule. If your teeth and gums are very healthy, your dentist may not need to see you as often. Or, if you have a high risk of dental disease, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits. People in high-risk groups may need to see their dentist for a dental prophylaxis appointment every three or four months.

High-risk groups include people who smoke, people with gum disease, and people who tend to get a lot of cavities. Pregnant women, diabetics, or people with weakened immune systems may also need more appointments. Make sure your dentist knows about your health conditions so she can recommend an appointment prophylaxis schedule. A second technique is where moulds of the teeth are taken and custom fitting bleaching trays are made into which the bleach is placed. The length of time that the bleaching tray needs to be worn depends on the strength of the bleach. The procedure is done by a Dental Hygienist.